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Removing wrinkled paint

A wrinkled effect is created by painting successive coats too quickly, and not allowing adequate drying time. It can also be caused by temperature extremes while the paint is drying or by applying a heavy coat of paint.

Tools and materials

Heat gun or a chemical stripper, scraper, sandpaper, paintbrush, paint


1 This problem requires stripping, sanding, and repainting in order to achieve the desired finish.


2 Strip paint completely from the affected surface using a scraper, a heat gun or a chemical stripper.


3 Sand down the area with sandpaper and repaint. You could also use a sanding block.


Working safely with a heat gun

Take great care removing paint with a heat gun. Wear eye protection, and a respiratory mask, and gloves. Take all other precautions that are advised by the tool’s manufacturer. Do not hold the gun over the wood for too long, to avoid the risk of scorching it or even setting it on fire.


How a heat gun works

A heat gun softens and blisters paint, and therefore makes it much easier to remove the old paint from the wooden surface.


Making a sanding block

You can make a sanding block by folding sandpaper around a squared-off block of wood. It is easy to grip, and each side has a sanding surface.