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Repairing damaged carpet

Damage to carpet can be difficult to remedy. However, as well as using cleaners, specks of paint can be removed with a craft knife, and a small area of damage can be replaced with a patch, if you have offcuts of the carpet.

Tools and materials needed

Scissors, utility knife, metal lid or similar object, spray adhesive


1 Cut a patch of carpet to a size that is larger than the area that needs to be replaced.


2 Find a metal lid or other circular object slightly larger than the repair area. Cut around it, down through the patch and the carpet below.


3 Remove the cut circle of damaged carpet, and replace it with the circle of new carpet. You may wish to spray adhesive on to the back of the new carpet patch.


Choosing carpet

Carpets are generally burlap- or foam-backed, and vary in quality, depending on what they are made of. Most brands have a grading system for suitable use, such as for bedrooms or for heavier-trafficked hallways. Natural-fiber floor coverings such as jute or coir are also available, and also vary in durability.


 Features of the utility knife

Heavy-duty utility knifes are designed for cutting all types of carpet and vinyl. Depending on the model, the blade will be adjustable for depth, and when it becomes dull, it can either be replaced or the end may be snapped off from the rest of the blade. It should also have a locking device to hold the blade in place.