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Replacing grout

Discolored or deteriorating grout can be replaced in order to brighten a tiled finish and reinstate waterproof properties. Pay particular attention to the grout you purchase, as some are specifically designed for bathroom applications.

Tools and materials

Grout raker, vacuum cleaner, grout, grout spreader, sponge


1 Remove the old grout from the joints using a grout raker, taking care not to damage the tile edges.


2 Vacuum out the joints to remove dust and all the old grouting, before applying the new grout.


3 Use a grout spreader to press the grout into the joints between the tiles, then wipe off any excess grout, while it is still wet, with a sponge.


Using the grout raker

A grout raker is the best tool for removing old grout. It is fitted with a thin grit-edged blade that may be replaced when worn down.


 Filling the joints

A grout spreader’s rubber blade presses grout into the gap between the joints, and its straight edge limits overspill onto the tiles.


 Finishing the grouting

To create a smooth, neat finish, run a grout shaper along the grout after it has been applied.