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Titanic-Questions and Answers

Q Why were third-class passengers given a medical check upon boarding?

A Most of the third-class passengers were immigrating and underwent a medical check to make sure they were healthy enough to enter the United States.


Q What are growlers?

A Slabs of ice that have broken away from icebergs or the ice pack are known as growlers. They are often dark in color with little showing above the water line.


Q What were the Titanic’s two masts used for?

A A derrick (simple crane) on the foremast lifted cars and other heavy goods in and out of the forehold. A ladder inside the foremast led up to the crow’s nest. Wires stretched between the two masts were an important part of the wireless communication system.


Q How many lifeboats are there on ships today?

A Modern cruise ships have enough lifeboats for 25 percent more people than they should have on board.


Q When they found the Titanic’s hull, what did explorers see on the foremast?

A The foremast had collapsed across the deck and the crow’s nest could still be seen.

Q What happened to sick people on the Titanic?

A A small hospital with two doctors looked after those who were unwell.

Q Why did the Titanic have four funnels?

A The Titanic’s owners thought that four funnels would look more impressive than three. The dummy funnel served as a ventilator.


Q Why didn’t the lookouts use binoculars?

A Lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee thought the binoculars had been left behind in Southampton.


Q Why was the Titanic’s maiden voyage delayed from March 20, 1912, to April 10, 1912?

A When the Olympic collided with HMS Hawke in September 1911, the Harland and Wolff workers had to stop work on the Titanic to repair the 40-foot (12-meter) hole in Olympic’s side.


Record Breakers


In 1912, the Titanic was the largest ship ever built. Its length of (882 ft 9 in) (269 m) and width of 92 ft 6 in (28 m) were the same as the Olympic, but the Titanic was slightly heavier.


At its launch it was claimed that the Titanic was the largest man-made object that had been moved.


To build the Olympic and the Titanic, Harland and Wolff constructed a huge metal framework, called a gantry. It was the largest gantry in the world.


The two parlor suites with private promenade decks on B deck were the most beautifully decorated staterooms on any ocean liner.